What is a Peel?

A skin peel is a quick, mild procedure that rejuvenates the skin by lifting dead damaged cells off the surface of your skin and stimulating metabolism of the cells underneath. The dead layers of skin are exfoliated, revealing a new skin layer with improved tone, texture, and color. In addition to full facial rejuvenation, certain types of skin peels can also be to remove debris, reduce stretch marks and scarring.

Fruit acid peel and heal

Medically accepted unique peeling formulation that is easily tolerated by patients of all ages, with varying skin conditions. Utilizing a combination of 6 powerful natural fruit acids which have a lightening effect superior to hydroquinone with 100% safety. With the addition of healing plants, these peels are renowned for their essential anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action

Product used for Peels

POWER PEEL 30% + 50% by RegimA

RégimA proves not all ‘Peels’ are created equal

This New Generation ‘Turbo-Peel’ incorporates a host of actives which impart added healing and rejuvenation effects. The unique gel consistency allows for easy application, excellent patient/client tolerance, shorter down time. The Power Peel offers a combination of 6 powerful fruit acids including Peach, Raspberry and Apple, which have a lightening effect superior to Hydroquinone with 100% safety. With the addition of healing plants, renowned for essential anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action, RégimA takes skin peeling to a more therapeutic level, but with safety.

Strictly in-salon treatment . For skin problems such as pigmentation it is essential to have a series of peels to achieve desired results. As every skin is different it is impossible to predict how long it may take to eliminate a problem.

One must always use a RégimA day product containing sun protection when using products that contain fruit acids.

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