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Why should you Double Cleanse your Skin?

We all know that we should wash our face at the of the day , but twice is really pushing it . I know many of us are guilty , including myself going to bed with our makeup on and ending up with makeup stains on our pillows .

But I have learnt that washing your skin twice at the end of the day is key if you are dealing with dull, problematic, congested skin or any skin type or condition . Even if you don t wear makeup you still should double cleanse .

And this is the logic why ?

The first cleanse is removing the makeup, sweat , dirt , grease and pollution off our skin , so the first cleanse you can use your makeup remover or cleanser . Now we have removed all that junk off our face , we have to now actually use a cleanser to actually treat the skin condition eg ageing, congested,sensitized or help correct our skin type eg oily , acne , sensitive.

You can not treat a congested , acne skin with one cleanse . You have removed you stuff that is causing the problem , so now we need to cleanse again to help the problem .

I know that we are all busy , and time is precious but our skin is so important , so try at least half the time , try and double cleanse . You will see the results .

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