The Importance of Exfoliation

When I meet a new client or anyone starts chatting to me about their skin and their skin concerns. First question I usually ask “ Are you exfoliating?”

Their usual responses are…


Ya I have a exfoliator but I only use it twice a month

Nobody has told me use an exfoliator but I have a moisturizer, serum, night cream masque etc.

Why you should exfoliate ?

Exfoliation is such an important part of a healthy skin care routine.

What it does is remove all the dead skin cells off our skin so we are left for fresh new skin cells. Unfortunately as we get older our skin renewal cycle slows down dramatically, you can look at this, when you are 18 years old you get new skin cells every 18 days, so when hit 30 we get new skin cells every 30 days.

So all those lovely products that you putting on your skin are just sitting on dead skin cells and you are not getting the full benefits of them. Also you skin is looking dull, rough, and uneven and lacking that glow.

How often should you exfoliate?

I would say at least once a week to help with keeping your skin healthy. But if you have are dealing with a certain skin concern e.g. pigmentation, sun damage. You should speak to you skin care therapist on what they would advise and depends on what exfoliator you are using.

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